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Home Improvement and New Construction in Houston

Residential and Commercial Construction Services

Thank you for visiting Orkha Construction. We are happy to show off what our team is capable of completing. Our services are aimed at meeting your residential or commercial needs. Residential clients can expand their home with an additional room or bump-out. On the other hand, they can choose to remodel their bathroom or kitchen for more neat and efficient areas. When it comes to commercial clients, we can help you build your business from the ground up or renovate a current location. The team at Orkha Construction collaborates with you to ensure the proper steps are being taken.

A building serves one of two things: a home or a business. Not every home is built equally, which is why remodeling is available. Remodeling your home helps you save money by not having to move or expand. In addition, remodeling a home can make it cozy, safe, efficient, and increase the value of your home. A building for a business needs to meet the demands of clients and employees. If your business’s building is unable to support daily operations, then you begin to lose money on inefficiency and mistakes. By contacting Orkha Construction, you are ensuring your home or business becomes the building you always needed.


Bathroom Renovation

Does your bathroom need an update?

The bathroom is one of the first and last rooms you see during the day. For some, the bathroom is so much more than a place to relieve themselves and brush their teeth. Don’t you want to make your bathroom an oasis for those long, grueling days?

Exterior Remodeling

Do you want to spend more time outdoors?

Exterior spaces for your home and business are great ways to entice people to spend time outside. However, these spaces need to be aesthetically pleasing, incorporate unique features, and provide comfort.

Kitchen Remodeling

Is your kitchen cluttered and unsafe?

A cluttered kitchen is an unsafe kitchen. It also lacks the efficiency needed to prepare meals. If you have major problems with your kitchen, then a remodel could help motivate you to cook more and faster. Increase storage space and updated kitchen appliances to make your daily life easier!

Structural Additions

Does your home need more space?

There are numerous ways of expanding your home, and they fit varying sizes of budgets. You can choose to add a conventional room addition, a bump-out, remodel a current room, or convert a current room in your house. Regardless, the options you have are extensive and can fit your budget.